Almost 25 years ago, I was fortunate enough to be presented with my grandfather’s original diary, which he kept as a prisoner-of-war for about four years during World War II. It was actually the second part of the diary – the first half was destroyed when allied troops burned everything they had before being captured by German forces at the Battle of Tobruk in North Africa.
My grandfather continued to write down his thoughts, feelings and frustrations for the next four years until his rescue – more frequently at first, then less as a sense of disillusionment set in I’m sure. The diary also included dozens of poems, many of them written by my grandfather, that touch on many of the things that had the biggest effect on his life during his years as a prisoner. I would like to think that some of my love for the literary world, and my gravitation toward a writing career, came from him.
Originally, I turned my grandfathers’ diary into a book, making several copies for the family to keep and read. This, of course, was in the infant days of the internet, when blog sites and websites were not a realistic undertaking for the average person. Today, however, I can offer this work to all my friends and family across the globe through this blog. I’m hoping to do the work in chapter form – with additional poems added – with updates each week. The poems will be centered on the page. For my American friends, you’ll notice some of the words and spellings are the English form – it’s not a mistake.
I hope you’ll check back and read my grandfathers’ words because we cannot forget the sacrifice he and his fellow service members made to protect our way of life. You will get to know him a little better during the introduction.
Thanks for reading and I hope enjoy reading it as much I do bringing it to you.



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